CandiSoft Catcher!

CandiSoft Catcher! is an OCR-module for automatic captcha resolution. It originally comes from JAntiCaptcha, that's why the scripts are compatible except a few parameters.

Currently we support it for the following file hosters:

More will follow in future.

Catcher! exists as a .DLL library. (Delphi declarations):
procedure Init(MethodDir, MethodName: PWideChar); stdcall;
Intializes the library. MethodDir is the full path to the method directory, MethodName is the folder name of the used resolve method.

function GetCaptchaCode(FileName: PWideChar): PWideChar; stdcall;
Resolves the image FileName and returns with the captcha code.

TMessageOutput = procedure(Msg: PWideChar); stdcall;
procedure RegisterLoggingInterface(MessageOutput: TMessageOutput); stdcall;

If log entries will made it will open MessageOutput.

procedure Destroy; stdcall;
Quits the current Catcher! sequence.

Since we're using "stdcall" it is possible to run Catcher! via different programming languages.

Catcher! is open source.

Download the source code here:

The compiled library is available in our download section.