CandiSoft Load!

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The download manager CandiSoft Load! helps users to download from file hosts like Zippyshare or Uploaded. It offers you automatic downloads as free- or premium-user of the hosters all for free!

CandiSoft Load! contains an integrated decryption for encrypted links. It will also detect captcha images in order to avoid the user typing it manually. For free-users of the file hosters, Load! also offers an automatic reconnect of your ADSL connection through your internet router in order to give you a new IP-adress offering unlimited downloads! (Only for users who have a dynamic IP adress!)

CandiSoft Load! offers you an easy user interface and many options. The support for all important encryption formats make Load! to one of the most advanced download manager you can find and all that without any frameworks like Java needed.

Over of the features:
■ Supports many file hosters such as, or etc.
--> A complete list can be found here

■ Decrypt! for an automatic decryption of many link protector sites

■ "CandiSoft Catcher!" automatic captcha resolve

■ Download many files at the same time

■ Support for chunks

■ Supports all versions of Click'n'Load

■ Unique proxy support, which lets you download more than one file as a free-user of a filehoster

■ Runs even on older systems smoothly

■ Automatic unpack of archives and support for password lists

■ Eventsystem for a great flexibility

■ Macro system for personal command lines

■ Intelligent link collector

■ Paket system with many additional features

■ Many useful functions such as the low-speed-detection

■ Clipboard monitoring for maximum comfort and direct container opening

■ Reconnect via .bat (IP-Check, wait for the file end or a manual waiting time)

■ Reconnect assistant supports more than 200 ADSL routers

■ Support for these container files: CCF, RSDF, DLC

■ CandiSoft Updater for easy program and plug-in updates

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