Load! 0.7.1 released

[+] Quickbar
[+] activate/deactive packets/files
[+] Plugincore optimized
[+] Chunks optimized
[+] accountinformation in thread
[+] startup optimized (faster)
[+] no wrong extract error message anymore
[+] timeleft fixed
[+] filename encoding optimized
[+] ContextMenu optimized
[+] Premium support added [a lot of hosts]
[+] zippyshare.com fixed
[+] filefrog.to added
[+] vip-file.com added
[+] midupload.com added
[+] wupload.com added
[+] uploading.com added
[+] letitbit.net added


Quickbar in Load! 0.7.1

Without the new quick bar:

With the new quick bar:

Also we now support many new file hosters in premium mode. We also improved the core code for a better performance. Release very soon!


Load! 0.7 released!


[+] Extracting in Thread
[+] Faster downloadstart
[+] Reconnect Button
[+] HTML Unicode parsing
[+] New hoster column in DL List [optional]
[+] Path length check
[+] Logfile is updated live
[+] Package DL start & stop available [right click]
[+] Hostfilter in CandiSoft Plugin System improved
[+] Updatesystem improved
[+] Chinese language
[+] Bug fixes